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Detailansicht Veranstaltung "MacBeth by William Shakespeare"


TitelMacBeth by William Shakespeare
UntertitelGastspiel in englischer Sprache.
BeschreibungThe American Drama Group Europe presents TNT theatre Britain in
by William Shakespeare

TNT Theatre has developed an international reputation for presenting dynamic, exciting and direct productions of Shakespeare's major works. Live music, powerful choreography and a simple performance style allow a modern audience to experience Shakespeare's great love story as an Elizabethan audience might have done at a London theatre some four hundred years ago.

All too often, Shakespeare suffers from directors and even designers imposing an interpretation on the original that stifles its essence. TNT works carefully to bring out the true richness and depth of Shakespeare. This approach has been much appreciated by a wide audience who is often surprised at how accessible and relevant Shakespeare's plays become when they are performed in the manner Shakespeare might have intended. The plays were written to be performed with limited scenery which calls upon the imagination of the audience, live music, small casts, energetic physical performances and a sensitivity to poetry. All of these elements are present in a TNT Shakespeare production. Less is more or, to quote HAMLET, "the play is the thing."
KategorieBühne - Schauspiel


BeginnDonnerstag, 14.02.2019 11.00 Uhr


NameFreiheitshalle Hof
Lage95030 Hof
Kulmbacherstraße Kreuzung Ernst - Reuter - Straße
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Nürmberger, Peter
Stadt Hof ;Postfach 16 65 ;95015 Hof
95030 Hof
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NameThe American Drama Group Europe
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